Perifer Flip

Installation, 2015
Wood, concrete, painted perspex, hinges, paint (Various sizes)
In collaboration with Malin Persson

Perifer Flip is a site-specific installation made in collaboration with the artist Malin Persson at K–G–B in Amsterdam.

The work is partly based on the notion of refraction; an optic phenomenon that occurs when a light wave changes direction due to a change in its transmission medium (for example: when you view an image through a glass of water and it appears upside down). The work is also based on Persson’s diptych series Figurative/Abstract, in which a figurative image is painted on a canvas that is paired with a rasterized abstraction of the same motif.

In Perifer Flip the artists translate these concepts (the interpretation of an object from different angles and through different media) into three-dimensional form. This time, the gallery’s window section, concrete foundation and view of the courtyard’s greenery provide the figurative part, while the installation itself forms the abstraction.

The installation consists of schematic units that can be assembled and placed in a variety of repetitive patterns or systems; stacked on top of each other or divided into individual formations (completely flexible since concepts such as up and down have been left undefined).

Each unit holds a painting with a rasterized abstraction of that which appears in the corresponding figurative part (the ’real’ surroundings framed and captured through the ’empty’ frames of the sculptural construction).