Proposal for Interplanetary Equilibrium

  • Proposal for Outwitting Gravity (Pineapple/Squash), Photograph, 2009

Various suggestions on how to reorganize physical and psychological structures in the universe – with the intention to create interplanetary balance. Selection shown here includes:

1. Proposal for Outwitting Gravity (Pineapple/Squash)
Excerpt from a series of photographs consisting of compositions that could not possibly stand straight, but by documenting the transient moment right after its support has been disabled, a suggestion is made that the constructions are not at all affected by gravity.

2. Proposal for Neopangaea to Align with the Equator
Towing the continental plates to align them with the equator.

3. Repositioning (Proposal for Interplanetary Equilibrium)
Repositioning of meteorite replicas to pre-impact orbit. Replicas made according to witnessed Dutch meteorite impacts between 1840 and 1990 (1. Ellemeet, 970 g; 2. Utrecht, 7 kg; 3. Uden, 720 g; 4. Glanerbrug, 855 g). Chiseled to correct weight from found concrete blocks. Water rocket made of bicycle pump, tube, PET bottle, wood, metal and cork (fueled with water).

  • Proposal for Neopangaea to Align with the Equator, Video (42″), 2008

  • Repositioning (Proposal for Interplanetary Equilibrium), Video (1′ 05″), 2008