Installation, 2016
Aluminum profiles, pigmented polyester, ceramics, oil paint and rabbit skin glue on linen [double sided canvases], gesso, oil paint and lacquer spray paint on linen [regular canvases] (Various sizes)

Shuffle is the first part in a series of installations investigating the transformation of Het Breed – a modernist housing complex in Buikslotermeer in Amsterdam Noord. Eventually evolving into a triptych, the series reflects on the impact of urban planning and aesthetics on social and mental structures such as human behavior, interaction, perception and imagination.

In three separate but interwoven parts, the artist will deal with different stages of the area’s recent renovation process. The first part, based on the time prior to the transformation, can be seen as a sort of cabinet where different scenic fragments have been assembled into a sculptural installation. On an aluminum framework that is a direct translation of Het Breed’s characteristic glass façades, paintings are displayed, which depict abstracted interpretations of objects and views extracted from its surroundings. Other elements of the installation further merge stylistic references to the modernist architecture; light, space and repetition, with how it is filtered through the bodies, minds and habit patterns of its residents.

Together with the forthcoming parts of the series, Shuffle also functions as a way to comment on subjects such as decay, isolation, migration and anonymity, by looking closely at notions like artificiality, transformation, reconstruction and recreation – at present time highly visible in this specific residential area. Gradually interfusing different aspects and layers, the project as a whole sets out to establish new parameters and propose new directions for future currents to expand.