Installation, 2014
Wood, screen printed and spray painted plexi, self-adhesive film, paint (Various sizes)
Photos by Jonatan Jacobson, KRETS gallery

Korda is a site-specific sculptural installation produced for KRETS in Malmö (Sweden), as part of the group exhibition For the Record (curated by KRETS and Plan B [Amsterdam]). The installation can be considered as a reversed extension of the artist’s previous work Uitzicht (2013).

Translated as a line segment (chord) joining two points on any curve, Korda formulates a relation between the Modernist architecture of the artist’s studio in the housing complex ’Het Breed’ in Amsterdam, and the art gallery/project space KRETS in Malmö. The installation is based on the characteristic architectural features of ’Het Breed’, and with references to these (for example to details such as the wooden indoor staircase constructions, the reinforced glass windows, the particular radiators and the facade constructions), specific window sculptures were constructed, which were placed within the existing structure of the gallery. In this way, an immediate visual collision occured between the architectural styles of two epochs; Dutch 1960s Modernism and Swedish twentieth century design.

During the exhibition it was possible to dismantle and manipulate the installation in order to display its individual units differently. Shifting configurations of Korda thereby created new spaces in/on which works by other artists could be presented.

The project was supported by DutchCulture, the Culture Department of Malmö and the Swedish Arts Council.